A Good Story

The other day I wrote about meeting a young girl who spent her days, like so many other children in Bangladesh, sorting through garbage and cleaning plastic bottles. 

She has been on my mind ever since.

I spoke to the chairman of the World Vision Patenga Area Development Project about this girl and asked him if it would be possible to get her into the child sponsorship program. 

He asked me if I could direct him to where I had seen her and to show him the pictures I had taken of her.  He then said that he would find her and speak to her mother about joining the program so that the young girl would be able to go to school. 

I found out that there may be some obstacles to overcome.  If the family is transient then it would be difficult to keep her within the program – although if the girl were to be sponsored perhaps her family would be more willing to set up a home permanently.  Also, the family may not be willing to put their daughter into school since they may insist that she is needed to help provide for the family.  If this is the case more assistance would be provided in the way of covering tuition fees, school materials, and a school uniform.  Her mother would also be able to participate in the business training programs and would then be able to provide a more stable income for her family.

I was assured that World Vision would do their best to get her into the sponsorship program.  When this happens I will find a sponsor for her.

It has been a difficult 2 weeks here in Bangladesh.  The surrounding poverty can be overwhelming.   And the opportunities to help are everywhere – but – one can not do it all.  I couldn’t stop to help the naked boy I saw laying on the side of the road today.  And I couldn’t put money into the hands of all of the children and their mothers who greeted us at the hotel entrance this morning when we headed off to the World Vision office. 

But I can help this girl.

And this is what I will think about before I go to sleep this evening.  You see, the images of what I see every day are there when I close my eyes at night.  But the feeling of hope that I have because of the perseverance and dedication of the people of Bangladesh and World Vision helps me to rest more soundly. 

I will be heading back to Canada on Sunday.  I’ll probably cry most of the way home.  I will miss Bangladesh.  Everyone here has been so wonderful.  I have been very blessed to be given this opportunity to come here.  Thank you everyone at Marlin Travel for sending me.   I think I know why I was sent here.  But that is another story, which I will have to write when I get home.

Donna White

World Vision volunteer

A picture or two…

drying peppers


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  1. 1

    Ingrid said,

    Glad to read that about the girl! What did you do to help the boy?

    • 2

      mzunga said,

      I was not able to help the boy. When we saw him we were driving down the “freeway” and it would have been very unsafe for us to have stopped. and although it may sound cold in saying this – we are unable to stop for everyone that we see is in need. We have been trying to focus our efforts on the Patenga ADP and have felt very good about the progress we are seeing. I am feeling that if we are able to make each of the 40 some ADP’s (Area Development Projects) in Bangladesh self sufficient then we will be able to move on and create more ADP’s and help even more people. That is why the sponorship program is so important, as it is provides finincial contributions to the whole community so that the children are lifted out of the poverty cycle through the self sustainablility of their families.

  2. 3

    Teresa said,

    Sounds like an amazing experience! I am really enjoying reading your blogs, you make me cry and smile each entry. It must feel wonderful to be able to be there to help.

  3. 5

    Colleen Moran said,

    I read your blog with tears in my eyes, some sadness but also my heart is filled with hope for all the children who are helped and for the many many more that will be helped as a result of advates like yourself. I so look forward to hearing all about your trip soon. You are such a blessing Donna.

    • 6

      mzunga said,

      Hello Colleen!
      I’m back! In body but not in spirit though. My mind keeps on wondering back to Bangladesh. I wish I was still there. I am so happy to be back with my family – but I still have very fresh images in my mind that cause me to stop and think and pray.

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