The Colours of Bangladesh


It was during one evening, when we were having dinner with the entire World Vision staff from the Patenga ADP,  that the wife of Dr. Shatadal Dhar, asked me what my impressions of Bangladesh were.  The first thing that came to my mind was the word “colourful”.  Everywhere you look in Bangladesh you can see bright and vibrant colours. Whether it is the flowers on the bushes or the trees, or the flags flying from the businesses, or the clothing of the people, everywhere you look your eyes can be treated to a frenzy of bright and intensely wonderful colours.

All smiles

But it is more than just the environment that is colourful. The people are just as warm and energetic and exciting. They are fully animated in their conversations, and their smiles magnify a warm welcome wherever you go.

So it seemed only fitting that when we had our art and photography workshops with the children that we celebrated the colourfulness of Bangladesh.

We had a couple of “purposes” for our art workshop. One was to help the children realize the importance of community development and progress through their families involvement with the various World Vision projects in the Patenga Area Development Program. The second was to have fun creating art.

I focused on the second one the most. The first just fell into place.

We had a blast creating. We made a community quilt, a mural of flowers using hand prints, and a collage of favourite places within the childrens’ village.

Collages of the children's favourite places

Our Community Quilt

Hand print flowers


Cynthia passing on artistic advice


I could tell the children were having fun just by watching them as they became engrossed in their art work.

But it wasn’t until the day of the art and photography show that I finally understood the full impact of our five days with the children.

A mother told us that the children were always very excited to return to our workshops – simply because they had never had the opportunity to paint, or use pastels, or use colourful paper to create collages, or do any of that creating stuff. Their only experience of art in school was to colour within the lines in a colouring book.

Just hearing that made all the hours spent in the hot classroom, feeling the sweat drip down my nose, very worthwhile.

But rather than attempting to tell you about the workshop and the great times we had, I’ll just tell you in pictures.

Totally engrossed


All dressed up before the show!


Thumbpainting our collage frames


Until next time, keep a smile on your face…


World Vision volunteer

P.S  I’m sorry for the delay in sending this latest blog out – my computer has been on the fritz and I couldn’t download my pictures.  I will be adding more to my blog every other day or so, so please continue to follow along and give any comments.  Even though I’m back in Canada, my heart still feels like it is Bangladesh.


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