A Wish from Riton

I recently received this email from Riton, one of the translators on our trip to Bangladesh.  I had to share it with you.  Please read on…


Today I have taken a picture from CNG (van) where easily you can see a street boy (age 9/10) selling an Argentina’s Football team poster. It was almost 11 am in the morning. It was the time for his school but he did not go there. May be he does not go to school. May be he has no financial support. May be he runs his family. Please look at his eyes what it wants to say. Please buy it, buy it, buy it.  

I am using may be and may be because I am not sure what does he do! One thing I do believe he needs to go to school. I did not get chance to ask him any question for our driver he was just keep going.   

 Now I am thinking, for football world cup he could/can sell it but what he will do after world cup….. Will he find a new thing/new works? In this way our time or our world is moving. But please try to think when Canadian/ American/ European/ Japanese or Australian children’ get opportunity to go to their school in the same time other children’ are unable to go to their right destination. Why? For their family, for their food, for money, for their poverty whatever it is this is the real scenario of all poor countries.

Can we change our world? Yes we can in which way you and others Canadian helping World Vision. Just we need to change our mind. We need to think about others.

 Thank you,


Amen Riton.

P.S.  I hope that you’ve been able to follow the World Vision blog at www.mychildsponsorship.ca   If not – please give it a try.  There are some very insightful discussions and it would be wonderful to have everyone part of it.  God bless you!



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